About Connolly Academy

Patrick M. Connolly, TCRG

Patrick began Irish dancing at the age of thirteen. That doesn’t mean that he was not exposed to it. He traveled to local feisianna with his younger sisters who danced under the tutelage of Steve Carney TCRG. Patrick’s interest peaked when they joined the Smith Academy of Irish Dance under the instruction of Michael J. Smith ADCRG. Although competing at regional and national competitions at the highest level in solos, it was the intricacies of ceili’s and ļ¬gures that sparked the passion for teaching. It was also that interest which took him to Ireland twice, competing successfully in the World Championships of Irish Dance.

Patrick, after a bit of a hiatus from the dancing world, returned when his daughter showed the same interest in dancing.The passion for teaching was sparked again and Patrick became a registered teacher (TCRG). Patrick has performed with the Chieftains, The Wolfetones, and Michael Flatley.

Most recently, Patrick has been Co-Chairperson of three regional championships (New England Oireachtas), one national championship (North American Irish Dance Championship), and served as local Chairperson for the World Championships held in Boston in 2013 (Oireachtas Rince Na Cruinne).

Patrick is a lifelong resident of Dorchester and currently lives there with his wife Grace. Patrick is very excited to have opened his new venture, The Connolly Academy of Irish Dance.